Suburban soccer welcomes junior divisions

The NCD Sub Urban Soccer League has welcomed the introduction of a Junior Division and are awaiting the start of a new season.

The Junior Division is part of a development program under Pikinini Sports by the Pikinini Football Association.

Pikinini Football Association Chairman Bubuae Fletcher Morocco said all is ready, once the formal launch has been done by the respective committees.

“The program is to develop soccer skills in kids at an early age so that their passion for the sport will inspire them to become great players, representing their communities, provinces or even the nation,” said Morocco.

Morocco thanked the NCD Sub Urban Soccer League president
Jerry Iniga for allowing the Junior Division in the competition.

Mr Iniga who founded the Morata Soccer League and moved on to NCD Sub Urban Soccer League said he always wanted to have junior divisions in the competition and now it has become a reality.

As the president, Iniga has confidence in the players and is ready to register a team each in both male and female divisions to take part in Port Moresby Soccer Association (PMS).

“I want to thank NCDC and the office of NCD Governor Powes Parkop for their support to these youths for the past two years that we have been running this competition,” said Iniga.

He also encourage the youths to turn away from bad activities and do something good that will contribute to their personal development, at the same time making the city a better place for all.

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