Soccer unites NCD youths

The NCD Suburban Soccer League ended its season on a high note with both male and female divisions playing grand final matches on Sunday March 11.

In the female division 9 City defeated Nikins 1-0 and in the male division the Yangas proved themselves champions with a 1-0 victory against Nikins.

President Jerry Iniga congratulated all players for their participation throughout the season.

“Soccer has helped unite youths in the NCD and it is also a pathway that has helped develop youth within their own communities.” said Iniga.

Igina encouraged youths to focus on sports and not engage in illegal activities that will get them into trouble.

“You are currently representing your own communities, and yes you can now take further steps to represent your province and your nation,” said Iniga.

On grand final day, the league also launched the Easter Cup games that saw youth participate in soccer games over Easter.

The Easter games comprised eight teams, four in men’s division and four in women’s division in each electorate of NCD, including the Motu Koitabuan customary land owners.

The Easter games were sponsored by NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Yoga and Walk for Life.

Motu Koitabu representative Dago Rarua thanked the NCD Suburban Soccer League committee for recognising the Motu Koitabuans and allowing them to take part in the Easter games.

“We also want change and we will work together with NCDC and our NCD Governor with the three electorate members to allow further development and transformation of the city,” Rarua said.

“We see soccer as a way forward,” he added.

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