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Road works for more accessibility in the city

Bernard Kipit

Port Moresby is undergoing a remarkable turnover in infrastructure facilities in what is the most unprecedented development ever to have taken place in the

The city is in a transformation hype and almost everywhere there is an activity taking place – major or minor – but one that is set to make an impact on the overall appearance of Port Moresby.

The critics are entitled to their views as is normal for any change to take place in society but looking at the broader picture, Port Moresby as the capital city of Papua New Guinea, the seat of government and administration deserves standards of higher standing and be able to show to the rest of the world that we have what it takes to provide to international requirements.

The development as it is happening has obviously brought about a degree of inconvenience for everyone in the city and the concerns are well understood and appreciated. As a responsible and accountable municipal authority, NCDC has well and truly accorded the public all due apologies and the relevant calls for safety precautions in and around the affected areas.

These inconveniences are bound to reduce in intensity over a period of time as the developments progress and as the picture gets clearer towards the end.

Notwithstanding the complaints and the public protest, all concerns should be focussed on the end result of the development project, a most modern road link that will give added impetus to the modernity of our city.

The new modern highways and the relevant infrastructure development complementing each other are all designed to deliver a new modern outlook for Port Moresby with facilities that are equal to the best in the world.

The development projects were set in motion in the city to meet the growing demands of the city relating to traffic congestions and the limited open spaces for the recreation of city residents. Over the years Port Moresby has been opened up and conveniently linked up through inter-suburban connection with wider and smoother roads that has definitely saved cost and time and surely productivity.

And the need became more and more apparent for Port Moresby when Papua New Guinea successfully raised its hand to host the all-important Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) meeting this year. Port Moresby was the obvious choice to host the event and among the preparations in place is the further upgrading of road infrastructure in the city.

So much has been happening in the city recently as the race to get the work done in time intensifies.

Apart from the Commission’s development initiatives, which have been ably supported by the National Government, the Government and the people of the Republic of China have come forward to assist Papua New Guinea’s preparations for APEC.

The projects are fully funded and implemented by the Chinese government and include the rehabilitation of the Poreporena Freeway, the construction of a six lane boulevard linking Parliament House to Waigani Drive and the just completed International Convention Centre at Waigani.

All relevant projects now in progress are due for completion before the APEC summit meeting as Port Moresby readies to welcome the respective leaders of the 21 member countries including their entourage.

Port Moresby will be a busy city leading up to the November meeting as all participating nations are likely to bring in large delegations given the magnitude and importance of APEC. Among those to be present will be the international media to beam the summit out of Port Moresby to the rest of the world.

The APEC event will bring the focus of the world to Papua New Guinea as discussions unfold on the various economic fronts of the APEC member countries.
I ask all residents to support the changes happening in our city as we look forward to a time of prosperity and growth.

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