CPL & NCDC upholding health standards

The good health of its customers will remain a priority for City Pharmacy Limited in accordance with the requirements of the NCDC Health Sanitation Act.

This priority was made known, when CPL organised Food Safety Training for all staff involved with food preparations. The training was conducted with the help of the NCDC Health Inspection team for staff employed in the butchery, bakery and kaibar sections.

The NCDC Health Sanitation Act among other things emphasises proper food handling and food processing standards with focus on maintaining health standards.

The training covered areas on Food Hygiene, Personal Hygiene, Cleaning and Sanitizing, Food Storage and Transportation, Waste Management, Vector Control, Food Regulation/Laws and Food Quality Management.

CPL Group Safety Manager Chester Selibu said the good health of everyone is a must and this is what CPL wants to stress to its employees to uphold at all times in the process of serving the public.

“It is essential therefore that all business houses are fully aware of the requirements of the regulations in the best interest of everyone’s health,” Chester said.

NCDC Senior Health Inspector Clivan Naha said CPL has set a benchmark for everyone to follow in the city especially when it comes to the health of the people.

“All the requirements are clearly stated in the relevant Acts, By Laws and regulations of the Commission and it is important everyone makes it their business to know and understand the requirements and put it into practise.”

“Both government and industries have the responsibility to make sure the welfare and interest of the public are protected,” he said.

He urged participants to take ownership of the training and adapt to the changes that have been clarified.

NCDC Health Inspection team called on all business houses or groups involved in food processing and handling operations to contact the NCDC Health Inspection team at City Hall for any assistance they may require in line with their operations and the NCDC Health Sanitation Act.

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